CNC Tooling

Work with WF Meyers to design tools optimized for your project and stone type. Reduce costs by re-plating existing tools or replacing diamond tips.



PCD tooling and diamond-plated tooling for CNC machines


Polycrystalline Diamond vs. Diamond-plated Tooling

PCD tooling lasts longer than traditional segmented tooling and holds its shape more effectively, maximizing performance and tool life. WF Meyers sells a wide variety of standard tools.

Diamond-plated tooling is a second, often more affordable option. Our team offers custom, diamond-plated tooling, designed to be replated when the tool wears out.


In-house draftsman

Have an idea for a tool you’ve sketched out on a napkin? Our in-house draftsman can bring it to life.



We offer in-house grinding to sharpen tools as they wear down. In addition, insertable tips on many of our tools allow us to replace the parts that wear out fastest without replacing the entire component. Re-plating, re-sharpening or replacing diamond tips helps our customers save money and get the most out of their existing CNC tooling.


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