Efficiently transform stone in the ground into blocks for fabricating.




Quarry machine, belts and associated parts


Customize your Quarrying System

Adjust your cutting depth based on your quarry’s geology and your cutting plan. Standard cutting depths range from 6 to 16 feet.


Tailor your belt segments to your stone type

If your crew cuts limestone in the Midwest, you’re playing a different ball game than a crew cutting limestone in Canada, or a crew cutting marble in the South. We make all of our belt segments in house, and our team helps select tools that are best-equipped for the work you do — maximizing your speed and equipment life.


Take advantage of remote monitoring and remote support

Remote monitoring allows quarry managers or owners to stay tuned in to production activity even when they can’t be on site. Know whether your saws are cutting — anytime, anywhere.

Remote support lets WF Meyers technicians log in remotely and diagnose problems without making a physical visit to the quarry to inspect the machine. Get your equipment back online faster and avoid travel costs for maintenance techs.


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