Get better belt life, better bar life and better cutting performance. Our system works together to optimize the performance of each component.



narrow belt system and gang saws


Tailor your belt segments to your stone type

If your crew cuts limestone in the Indiana, you’re playing a different ball game than a crew cutting limestone in Texas. We make all of our belt segments in house, and our team helps select tools that are best-equipped for the work you do, maximizing your speed and equipment life. 


Speed production and prevent twisting with a new, patented belt design

Traditionally, narrow belts have been prone to twisting. Our new, multi-cable design not only solves this problem, but also increases cutting speed up to 50 percent over our previous design. 


Get longer bar life and better cutting performance

A narrow belt cuts as it runs beneath a guide bar. To cool the system, lubricate the cut and help clear out slurry generated by the belt, narrow belt saws drive water through the guide bar along the belt. Most guide bars sold by our competitors have a single channel for water, encouraging the water to run off before it reaches the middle of the bar, where the stone is being cut. We’ve designed our bar with multiple water ports and multiple channels - forcing the water to reach all cutting points of the bar. This results in better belt life, better bar life, and better cutting performance. 

A WF Meyers’ bar, wear strip and belt are designed to work together to optimize the performance of your narrow belt saw. The belt runs in the guide bar to ensure a straight cut, and the wear strip protects the guide bar during contact with the belt.


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