Stonecutting tools and machinery

The belts, blades and equipment you need to work smarter, faster, and ahead of schedule.


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Efficient transformation of in-the-ground stone into blocks for fabricating



Longer equipment life and better cutting performance


Circular Blades

Tailored blades, optimized for your machine and stone type


CNC Tooling

A wide variety of custom polycrystalline diamond or diamond-plated tooling



Time-tested equipment for the finish you need at top speeds


I’ve always just used WF Meyers belts, and performance wise we’d never go anywhere else.
— Brad Mobley, Indiana Limestone Fabricators

Even the best equipment fails when paired with the wrong stone type.

You need more than a supplier. You need a strategic partner who understands your stone type, your tools, your process and how to make your equipment last.



Knowing the right tool for the job is at the heart of WF Meyers. For 130 years and five generations, our team has delivered diamond tools and machinery designed to work for you.


We live by the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. Our team helps select tools that are best-equipped for the work you do, maximizing your speed and equipment life.


Time is money. We understand that.  At WF Meyers, we develop reliable blades, belts and machines that reduce overhead and speed production.


Built to give you an edge.

We are a family-owned company with over 130 years of experience in diamond tooling and machinery.

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Tell us what your challenges are. Bring us your problems. Bring us your headaches. Let us dive into our experience and find something that’s going to work for your particular issue.
— Alex Barnes, President

Avoid downtime • Increase production • Decrease overhead

Stonecutting is rugged work that calls for tough equipment and experience.