- The Finishing Touch -



When you’re in the stone business, speed is everything. Accelerate production and get a beautiful finish — faster.



Finishing machine, replacement parts and custom tooling


WF Meyers Slab Finisher

Meet the machine responsible for the smooth finish on every exterior panel of Yankee Stadium.



Speeds of up to 48 inches/minute: In Indiana limestone this machine can remove up to ⅛”/minute at 24 inches/minute. 

Customizable conveyor belt dimensions (standard is 6 ft wide)

Equipment crafted entirely in-house by a certified welder

Remote support

Drum tip replacement and re-plating

Drums take up to a quarter inch of material off of your slab, leaving a honed finish*

*WF Meyers slab finisher is ideal for a honed finish on limestone or similar, but is not designed to polish marble or granite.)


Grinding Rings & Shoes

We offer a series of rings with progressively finer grit designed to fit machines made by various manufacturers in addition to our own equipment. Segments are customizable.


Custom Tooling

Our team designs tooling to fit your machine, optimized for your production line. We take the time to get to know your stone and your equipment, personalizing the process in a way overseas dealers can’t.


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