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Circular Blades


A blade is only as good as the hands that brazed and tensioned it. Work with our craftsmen to tailor a blade, and keep it cutting like the day you bought it.



We customize your blade to fit your unique needs

Opt for a standard or silent core

Choose a new blade to fit your machine. We can customize your bore size, your collar size and your pinhole arrangement

Let us match your blade’s diamond segments to your stone type

Optimize your blade for your machine’s RPM.

Our hammersmiths shape each blade by hand, giving it a slight concave shape that keeps it straight at your saw’s RPMs. We customize every blade we sell to the specific RPM of the customer’s machine by running the blade through a speed tester.

Diamond Circular Blade

Keep your old blades running like new

When a customer returns a diamond blade to us for repair, we balance the blade to make sure it’s weighted evenly, clean it up, tension it, add brand new segments and re-use the old core. Blade refurbishment allows us to give our customers a like-new blade for a significantly reduced price. 


Sign on with a team you can trust

Our team of hammersmiths has over 50 years of combined experience. Our employees are craftsmen who have completed rigorous apprenticeships and trained at hammersmith schools overseas.


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